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Our Core Experience

Web Development

Creating engaging websites for aspirational business owners looking for cutting-edge digital solutions. Enhance your company's online presence and drive growth and expansion with slick designs and intuitive user interfaces.

Mobile App Development

Innovative digital solutions can help you unlock growth! Improve your company's online visibility with custom mobile apps that are designed to engage customers and promote growth. Boost your brand's success by utilizing creativity and technology.

Digital Marketing

Unlock exponential growth with savvy digital marketing tactics. Dominate your niche through strategic SEO, targeted social media campaigns, and compelling content. Maximize ROI with data-driven insights and innovative engagement techniques. Elevate your brand, captivate your audience, and soar above the competition.

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App Development

With seamless UI/UX design, strong backend integration, real-time updates, and customized user experiences, you can unleash the power of app development. Our apps reinvent digital experiences, designed with innovation, scalability, and user engagement in mind.

UI & UX Design

It ensures seamless user interaction, captivating visuals, and intuitive navigation, enhancing user satisfaction and retention, also streamlines processes, and ultimately boosts app success by prioritizing user needs and preferences.

React Native

Enabling cross-platform compatibility, reducing time-to-market, and offering a rich ecosystem of pre-built components, enhancing efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


It revolutionizes with its single codebase for both iOS and Android, enhancing productivity, faster development cycles, and native-like performance.


Handle increased workload or user demands without compromising performance. It ensures seamless operation as the user base grows, adapting to higher traffic, data volume, and functionality requirements efficiently.

Client Reviews

desun technology client review abir
Abir Chandra
Co founder & CEO
Instareview and Parental Care
desun technology client review manish
Manish Singh
Founder of UYA Egypt and Universal Yoga
desun technology client review jyoti
Jyoti Singh
Founder of JYS and UYSF
desun technology client review funtoo
Subhash Gounder
Associate partner of Life Science Trust

Our Tech Stack

We focus on emerging technologies for building high performing web & mobile products that can be securely deployed in the cloud.

Node JS
React JS
Angular JS
React Native

Frequently Asked Questions

Desun Tech mainly works with software development in healthcare, finance, education, e-commerce, hospitality, and on-demand industries. At Desun Technology, we thrive on innovation and problem-solving. As a premier IT consulting and software development firm, we thrive on adding value to projects across all sectors. Our expansive portfolio speaks volumes, showcasing our adaptability and expertise in diverse industries. Whether it's crafting enterprise applications, refining websites, or tailoring digital solutions, Desun Technology stands as your unrivaled partner in digital product design. Experience the epitome of excellence — choose Desun Technology for your next venture.

Desun Tech emphasizes customer interaction and follows agile methodology in their interactive project management approach. Our skilled project manager hands hold our clients to make sure that the project is meeting the desired goal. High-quality outputs are ensured by meticulous testing at every level. Desun Tech fosters long-term connections by prioritizing client satisfaction through a client-centric strategy.

The top personnel for IT outsourcing services may be found at Desun. Let's imagine you want to create a website to increase traffic and improve client interaction. With over ten years of expertise as a web development firm, we have a staff of information strategists to improve customer satisfaction and lower dropout rates. Depending on your precise skill requirements, we can accommodate specific requests. Get in touch with us to receive a quote that is tailored to your needs and to increase sales for your company.

The duration of project deadlines varies depending on the kind of project and the sectors we work with. As soon as we have comprehensive information about your needs, we can give you the project schedule. Serving a wide range of respectable sectors for more than ten years, Desun Technology is a highly regarded provider of IT services. Thus, from the outset, you can anticipate total transparency regarding the timetables and receive specialized software development solutions from knowledgeable developers.

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We provide complete end-to-end technology solutions that make the process of your digital transformation easier. Seamlessly navigating intricate business hurdles, Desun Tech empowers over 1000+ enterprises with avant-garde proficiency, catalyzing growth and success in the digital realm. We help 1000+ brands scale up their businesses.

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